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In the News

September 2016

“[Earth Friendly Products] is an earth-friendly household cleaning product company that offers everything from pet shampoo to fabric refresher spray. So what’s special about ECOS™? ECOS™ products contain zero synthetics or harsh chemicals, the products are biodegradable, and they’re made with 100 percent renewable energy.”

August 2016

“Earth Friendly Products’ new treeless paper products, including ECOS Bathroom Tissue and ECOS Paper Towels, are made with bamboo and sugarcane, some of the most renewable grasses on the planet, and more sustainable than tree pulp.”

August 2016

“Up until now, you probably haven’t spent much time purchasing cleaning items. But now you’re responsible for keeping your dorm room clean, which means scrubbing the bathroom, floors, and counter services (for starters)…I like ECOS because they’re Earth-friendly and don’t contain as many harmful ingredients as a lot of other cleaners do.”

August 2016

“…when it comes to keeping the rest of my home clean and fresh smelling this new school year, I can use the ECOS All Purpose Cleaner which is a plant based formula that helps to fight grease and dirt and helps me to get the house clean!”

August 2016

“Earth Friendly Products is one company that’s working hard to bring non-toxic cleaning products to the mainstream. A leader in sustainable American business, Earth Friendly Products makes more than 200 different green cleaning products.”

April 2016

“For nearly 50 years, Earth Friendly Products has been pushing the conversation about what it means to be green by offering eco-friendly products ranging from an all-purpose cleaner made with parsley to a hypoallergenic dish soap made with grapefruit. Today, the family-owned and -operated Earth Friendly Products makes more than 200 products at its five facilities and employs 350 workers, including 91 in the new Cypress headquarters.”

March/April 2016

“I didn’t expect a non-bleach product to give such great results. Even with whites. I love that it’s [ECOS Laundry Detergent] gentle and non-toxic, but still very effective. I have very sensitive skin, have gotten hives in the past and the fact that it’s hypoallergenic is the biggest plus for me.”

February 2016

“Kelly Vlahakis-Hanks, interviewed on the green carpet of the Global Green Pre-Oscars Party said, ‘The EPA estimates that indoor pollution is 5-70 times higher than outdoor pollution because of toxic cleaning products.’”

January 2016

“When Earth Friendly moved from Garden Grove to its new location less than two months ago, it increased its manufacturing space by 30 percent, which helped accommodate the company’s growth of recent years.”

December 2015

“In partnership with CarePacks, Earth Friendly Products is donating 1,500 bottles of ECOS Free & Clear Laundry Detergent for inclusion in Christmas care packages being sent to U.S. soldiers deployed abroad.”

November 2015

“Employees who work on the production side of the business earn $17 an hour – more than double the minimum wage of $7.25 an hour. Vlahakis-Hanks says higher pay has helped her lift employee retention, attract quality talent, and reduce employee turnover and training costs.”

July 2016

“As a Mom I only want to use safe ingredients on the clothes my children wear on their bodies everyday and this is why I love ECOS. It is affordable and offers environmentally friendly cleaning products with high quality, plant-powered agents safe for the entire family.”

June 2016

“Last March the Environmental Protection Agency introduced the Safer Choice Label for cleaning products. ECOS was one of the early adopters of the label and this fabric-freshening spray [ECOS Eco Breeze] doesn’t use artificial smells, unlike Febreze.”

June 2016

“Mineral Magic: In the natural cleaners category, OxoBrite by ECOS is one of the best for removing stains, brightening colors and bleaching whites. This mineral-based and color-safe bleach works well on laundry, fabrics, carpets and upholstery.”

May 2016

“The idea of doing right by people and the environment is reflected in everything [Earth Friendly Products] does. The company’s five plants are zero-waste, carbon-neutral and powered by renewable energy. Its line of plant-based cleaning products is U.S.-made, never tested on animals, and locally sourced whenever possible.”

April 2016

“’We want to do everything we can to assist our employees in living the greenest life possible — a lifestyle that’s good for their health and the health of the planet,’ Vlahakis-Hanks said.”

August 2015

“Kelly Vlahakis-Hanks: Good, Green and Profitable. We turned to Earth Friendly products CEO, Kelly Vlahakis-Hanks, to tell us how her late Greek immigrant father managed to create a green giant in the US, and how today that giant continues to expand under her leadership, while holding onto some of the best work and environmental ethics.”

July 2015

“Garden Grove-based Earth Friendly Products cleaned up in the Environmental Protection Agency award ceremony. The company, founded in 1967, took home a Safer Choice Partner of the Year Award as an outstanding manufacturer and innovator.”

July 2015

“It’s easy to laud the environmental ambitions of Earth Friendly Products, which does exactly what its name implies: Make household products that are friendly to the earth.”

June 2015

“Earth Friendly Products, green cleaning products maker, celebrated the grand opening of its high-tech manufacturing facility on Earth Day…the company emphasized sustainability and efficiency.”

May 2015

“Health is in Earth Friendly Products’ DNA. The company is a champion in the green, sustainable world, and thus strives to create an office community that mimics that. In fact, each facility has an organic garden from which employees can snag fruits and vegetables.”

April 2015

“’We both shared the belief that raising the minimum wage is essential to creating a truly sustainable workplace and economy,’ Vlahakis-Hanks says. ‘We lower our employee turnover and increase productivity at our company by paying a living wage, and this money goes right back into the economy.’”

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