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Pet Health and Happiness Underscore Earth Friendly Products’ ECOS™ for Pets! Line on National Pet Day – and Every Day

Pet Health and Happiness Underscore Earth Friendly Products’ ECOS™ for Pets! Line on National Pet Day – and Every Day

Portion of All Safer Choice–Certified Sales Earmarked for Animal Shelters

Cypress, CA (April 11, 2017) – As the world celebrates National Pet Day, the spotlight shines on a population that Earth Friendly Products focuses on every single day. The company’s ECOS™ for Pets! line of environmentally friendly pet cleaning products was developed without any testing whatsoever on animals. What’s more, Earth Friendly Products earmarks a percentage of sales from all items in the collection for donation to assist the nation’s 7.6 million companion animals that wind up in animal shelters every year.

Founded in 2006, National Pet Day celebrates the joy pets bring to people’s lives. Its mission is to create public awareness about the plight of animals awaiting a forever home in shelters and rescues all around the globe.

The ECOS for Pets! line from Earth Friendly Products was conceived with the same commitment to providing consumers’ furry friends with a happy, healthy home. Understanding that every pet does not have the good fortune of living in such a home, Earth Friendly Products sets aside a portion of every ECOS for Pets! sale as a charitable contribution. The aim of this philanthropy is to help the 21,000 pets that enter animal shelters every single day. Such contributions total up to $100,000 annually.

Among the items in the ECOS for Pets! collection are Stain and Odor Remover, Between Baths Grooming Spray, Wipes, No Chew Training Aid, Pet Laundry, Pet Kitty Litter Treatment, Skunk Odor Remover and Shampoo in Lavender, Peppermint and Free & Clear formulations. The latter two varieties of ECOS for Pets! Shampoo (Peppermint and Free & Clear) are the only pet grooming products ever to be labeled as Safer Choice–certified by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

The EPA designates cleaning and other products as “Safer Choice” to give consumers, businesses and purchasers more insight into their ingredients and performance level. The certification signifies that a product is safer for human – and pet – health as well as the environment, which Earth Friendly Products is also strongly committed to.

“At Earth Friendly Products, we passionately uphold the idea that everyone, including our animal companions, should have access to delightful, affordable cleaning products,” explains Kelly Vlahakis-Hanks, company president and CEO. “We believe in helping protect our planet and all of its friends. While shelter pets await their new lifetime home, ECOS for Pets! keeps them clean and safe.”

And that squeaky clean protection is afforded to rescue pets with even the most problematic skin. Made with a hypoallergenic blend of aloe, vitamin E and oatmeal extract, ECOS for Pets! Free & Clear is gentle yet tough enough to clean even the messiest pets.

ECOS™ for Pets! and ECOS™ products are available at select specialty pet stores and e-retailers and on this website.

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