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Our Story

We believe that what’s on the inside counts. That’s why we’ve spent nearly 50 years creating and perfecting thoughtfully sourced cleaners that work great and are safer for people and the planet.

Family owned and operated since 1967, we are a team of mothers, fathers, chemists, visionaries and pioneers who passionately uphold the idea that everyone should have access to delightful, affordable cleaning products.

Making ECOS™ in our four carbon-neutral plants has enabled us to keep prices low and quality high, shattering the myth that buying “green” has to be expensive.

Formulated with pure, thoughtful science and manufactured using Zero-Waste guidelines, ECOS is made in facilities powered by renewable energy. Created with mindful ingredients that are safer for people and the planet, ECOS is the delightfully Plantlicious™ way to protect your family and home.

Our Promise

We promise to make green cleaning a reality for all by using sustainable practices that protect people and the planet. By formulating products from the goodness of plants in facilities powered by 100% renewable energy, we empower a natural clean at a price you can afford. Made with love from the inside out, we hope you’ll experience the difference in each bottle of ECOS

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6 Reasons to Choose ECOS™


It's Powerful

ECOS™ products are thoughtfully formulated to clean powerfully without harsh chemicals, dyes, or synthetics.

It's Affordable

Making ECOS™ in our four carbon-neutral plants enables us to keep prices low and quality high.

It's Family-Made

ECOS™ products have been manufactured with love in family owned and operated plants since 1967.

It's Sustainable

ECOS™ products are readily biodegradable, greywater & septic safe, and made using 100% renewable energy.

It's Kind

ECOS™ products are made from the goodness of plants using zero-waste guidelines and never tested on animals.

It’s Loved

Sold in over 60 countries, ECOS™ products are loved around the world, from America to Australia.





EPA Safer-Choice Certified Formulations

Our Customers

  • “I can rest easy with Earth Friendly Products when I clean the kitchen table with their parsley spray. Kid friendly, mommy friendly!”
    Elisabeth RohmMom, Actress, Author & Philanthropist
  • "First off, thank you! We bought the Parsley Plus today and it is incredible . . . we can't believe the results!"
    Valerie M-CFacebook Fan
  • "I love your Stain & Odor Remover, just removed a red hair dye stain from my bathroom carpet. And I also removed raspberry stains from my black and white throw rug. Thanks so much!"
    Lana K.Facebook Fan
  • "Just cleaned all my windows inside and out using your Window Cleaner with Vinegar! THANK YOU FOR BEING AMAZING!!!!!"
    Emily Kate W.Facebook Fan
  • "I just wanted to let you know that Parsley Plus is THE best smelling thing on the planet. If you made a perfume out of it I would buy it. Actually, please totally consider that."
    Amelia L.Facebook Fan

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