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Disney ECOS® for Pets! Stain & Odor Remover, 32oz.

Disney ECOS® for Pets! Stain & Odor Remover, 32oz.


NEW! If you have furry, feathered or scaly loves ones at home, our Disney ECOS® for Pets! Stain & Odor Remover is perfect for you! Each spray is packed with a blend of plant power and enzymes that’s safer for people, pets and the planet yet extraordinarily effective at lifting tough stains and messes. Use on clothes, carpet, bedding, furniture and more! Our 32 bottle is perfect for soaking and deep cleaning; pour directly on stain or put a capful in your laundry detergent or household cleaning solution to boost stain-fighting power. We offer three sizes to meet your needs.


Water, Decyl Glucoside (plant-powered surfactant), PPG-4 Laureth/Myreth-5 (surfactant), Phenoxyethanol (preservative), Alcohol Denat. (corn-derived solvent), Enzymatic Blend (stain remover), Fragrance, Citrus Limon (Lemon) Oil, Methylisothiazolinone (Preservative)

Instructions for use:

For Use On: carpets, tile, sealed wood, upholstery, fabric, dirty laundry – any surface not affected by water.

Directions: General Cleaning Tips: Absorb as much of liquid odorant or stain as possible before beginning treatment. Do not dilute. Use as is. Do not use other cleaners first as they may set stains.

Fabric and Carpet Stains: Test in an inconspicuous area prior to use for color fastness. Apply directly on stain. Saturate well. After 5 minutes wipe off with cloth. If stain persists, reapply and soak overnight.

Wood Floors: Wipe clean after use and do not leave on overnight.

Odor Removal: Saturate source of odor and soak overnight. If odor persists, enlarge target area and reapply. Odor may persist while product is working. Allow up to 2 weeks for product to evaporate. Reapply to problem area if necessary.

Laundry Stain: Apply directly onto stain, let soak for 5 minutes and wash with ECOS™ Hypoallergenic Laundry Detergent.

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Weight 36.70 oz
Dimensions 3.25 × 3.25 × 8.63 in

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