From the Earth to Your Home

From the Earth to Your Home

Purely Powerful

Made with plant-derived cleaning agents, ECOS™ is the green that really cleans. Our formulas are extraordinarily effective for removing dirt yet gentle on people, pets, and the planet.

Earth Friendly

ECOS™ products are derived from replenishable resources. We never test on animals. We are a socially responsible company that cares about this earth and its inhabitants.

Great Value

We make green cleaning affordable by manufacturing ECOS™ with love in our 4 carbon-neutral facilities. Making our own products eliminates the middleman, saving you money.

Love for ECOS . . .

  • "Just cleaned all my windows inside and out using your Window Cleaner with Vinegar! THANK YOU FOR BEING AMAZING!!!!!"
    Emily Kate W.Facebook Fan
  • "I love your Stain & Odor Remover, just removed a red hair dye stain from my bathroom carpet. And I also removed raspberry stains from my black and white throw rug. Thanks so much!"
    Lana K.Facebook Fan
  • “I can rest easy with Earth Friendly Products when I clean the kitchen table with their parsley spray. Kid friendly, mommy friendly!”
    Elisabeth RohmMom, Actress, Author & Philanthropist
  • "I just wanted to let you know that Parsley Plus is THE best smelling thing on the planet. If you made a perfume out of it I would buy it. Actually, please totally consider that."
    Amelia L.Facebook Fan
  • "First off, thank you! We bought the Parsley Plus today and it is incredible . . . we can't believe the results!"
    Valerie M-CFacebook Fan

Feel the Love of a Powerful Green Clean!



The ECOS™ Family Recipe


Poke a straw through its shell, and you have the perfect pool-side drink. But did you know coconuts are also packed with gentle, powerful cleaning properties?



Potato skins aren’t just America’s favorite appetizer. They’re loaded with sugars we can extract to make effective cleaning agents!


A soothing odor neutralizer with natural calming abilities, the stem of lavender in your living room bouquet is more powerful than you think.


Orange Oil

People love the deliciously citrus scent of orange oil, but it’s also one of the toughest degreasers found in nature.


You might put parsley in your dishes or even your juicer, but we put it in our cleaners! Parsley is a powerful odor neutralizer with antioxidant properties.



Out of the food pantry and into our spray bottles! Vinegar is a natural cleaner that’s effective at cutting grease and lifting stains.